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腦友所依 支援APP

Shih Wing Ching Foundation has assigned i2 to develop an APP to support patients with cognitive impairment and their caregivers with an online Zoom service. This app provides an online chatting function and urgent counselling function through Zoom. As the Zoom function is embedded in this APP, the user only needs to download 「腦友所依」 APP. Users can simply press “ I want to chit-chat” 「我想傾下計」 or “I need help” 「我需要援助」button to request a counsellor‘s help. Apart from counselling services, there are the latest weather, Chinese calendar, updated News and Caregiver information for users as well.

Besides, a minimalistic APP interface design with voice-over notice and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2 Level AA Conformance allow different users to browse 「腦友所依」 APP easily, including elderly, visually impaired people, etc.

On the other hand, counsellors can flexibly select online/ offline status when they are on or off duty. Cases could be set as queuing status when there is too many cases.

Admin can monitor the case status through CMS. When there are too many cases, the admin can send push notifications to counsellors for support or could send notifications to users if there is any follow-up counselling.

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