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Comprehensive CRM System

Manage Your

Accounting Integration

Unlock the Power of Data-driven insights

1 million+ records in 1 system

1 million+ records in 1 system

You won't have to look at different systems to see how involved your users are with your organization.

Powerful Relationship Management

Powerful Relationship Management

The power of relationship management lies in its ability to centralize, streamline, and elevate your interactions with different stakeholders.

Advanced Data Analysis and Reports

Advanced Data Analysis and Reports

View Data in the Dashboard, easy to customize Reports. Export reports in different formats (Json, API, CSV)

I2-SRPM(CRM System )

Stakeholder Relationship and Performance Management
SRPM focuses on creating value for all stakeholders and measuring performance based on stakeholder satisfaction

Membership Management

  • Create Membership Program
  • Communicate with Members
  • Run Membership Reports

Case Management

  • Activity Management
  • Flexible workflow and timeline
  • Comprehensive Reports

Event Management

  • Event Enrolment
  • Easy manage participants’ data
  • Online Payment

Volunteers Management

  • Sign up for specific interest tasks themselves
  • Assign Volunteers
  • Volunteer Time Tracking

WHY Choose our SRPM?

The SRPM is base on open source architecture, adaptable features, and dedicated user community make it a favored choice for small businesses, non profit organizations, and community based groups

Efficient and Customizable Solution

I2 SRPM provides an efficient and customizable CRM solution for organizations seeking to manage stakeholder relationships and measure performance

Scalable Architecture

Scaled to meet the needs of any organization, from small NGOs to large international organizations.


Easy Data Visualization

SRPM's reporting management function includes charts and graphs to help you visualize your data, making it easier to identify trends and patterns.

Automated Reporting

SRPM allows you to schedule reports to be generated and sent automatically to designated recipients, saving time and ensuring timely access to critical information.

Can integrate to any HK Government’s API

SRPM report can integrate into other NGO, Corporate or Government open platforms through A.P.I. connection (e.g.JSON,CSV, XML etc.)

Json API integration

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