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Learning Management System LMS Hong Kong

LMS Learning Management System - Build your company’s future with training

Learning Management System


Build Your Organization’s Future with Training


Our LMS is white-label, fully customizable, and can be integrated with all the corporate tools you use. You can turn the system into the exact e-learning platform you need.

Drupal-Powered Solution

LMS is versatile, thanks to Drupal's modular architecture. And the vast Drupal community’s scrutiny helps us to ensure Our System’s security and top-notch user experience.

Social Learning

Our LMS is a learning platform with a mini social network inside – with group chats, private messenger, forums, live video meetings, etc. – turning e-learning into a truly social experience.

Our LMS has every feature you need, and more...

  • WCAG 2.0 compliance (level AA)
  • Pure and completely customizable user interface design
  • Adaptive learning paths
  • Customizable user dashboards
  • Achievements page for quick progress tracking
  • Seamless experience across devices: switch devices and resume the course where you left
  • Adaptive training tailored for the user according to their previous achievements, profile, etc.
  • Engaging content
  • Gamification with rewards and creative quizzes
  • Mobile learning
  • Multilingual management
  • Fine-grained content management within training sessions, courses, modules, and activities
  • Training creation wizard
  • Graphical learning path manager tool
  • Authoring tool for interactive and engaging content
  • Reusable content on all levels (activities, modules, courses)
  • PowerPoint import tool
  • Training catalog with public or private courses
  • Online training management (theory/quiz modules)
  • Instructor-led sessions management
  • Virtual classroom sessions management
  • Training prerequisites: set entrance tests or courses prerequisite for starting the next one
  • Shared access to documents
  • Duplication and export/import features
  • Certification management: automatic PDF certificate generation for successful training completion
  • Recurrent recertification management
  • Live meetings
  • Internal messaging tool
  • Social features allowing connection with other users
  • Social wall with like and comment features
  • Forums within training courses
  • Mobile application with push notifications
  • Flexible access control, based on roles
  • Default roles: student, teacher, class coach, content manager, user manager, and administrator
  • Roles assigned at the level of a specific training or the whole platform
  • Unlimited number of roles with fine-grained control over each role’s permissions
  • Highest corporate security standards compliance
  • Private file system
  • Data encryption optionally
  • Two-factor authentication optionally (OTP, Google Authenticator)
  • Paid subscriptions to training courses
  • Integration of addons and payment gateways
  • Global dashboard
  • Training dashboards
  • User dashboards
  • Detailed user history of attempts and scores for every module
  • Skills management

Create Training

Create learning courses, diversify learning paths, and build catalogs of training content – all within the platform.

Engage Learners

Assemble and assign personalized courses, facilitate social learning through discussion groups, and create interactive content.

Manage The Platform

Take e-learning management under full control. Customize and coordinate user roles, groups, etc.

Measure Learning

Track your learners’ progress and gather their feedback to get a clear view of training effectiveness and improvement opportunities.

Report And Analysis

For The Trainee

Trainees can view their own training progress and report

For The Trainer

Review their trainees' progress and identify their performance


Gain a full picture of the overall progress from the data collected


Manage data collected from all centres for analysis

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